Family boarding house

Welcome, we would like to offer you a comfortable accommodation in a spacious family boarding house, situated in a quiet area on the outskirts of the picturesque village, close to the forest.

Family ”COTTAGE NEAR THE FOREST” (“CHALUPA U LESA”) offers accommodation for all who have a desire to know the surroundings of Giant Mountains and Bohemian Paradise, who likes hiking , biking (This mostly flat area is really quite ideal), sightseeing nearby or just comfortable relaxing in the countryside.

We are a family guest house providing beautiful accommodations in the village Kovač, in the region of Giant mountains surroundings. The village is located 9 km southeast of the town Jičín as one of the three links, among which stretches Bohemian Paradise.

(Bohemian Paradise is an area which is surrounded by beeline triangular with three connecting lines, the main road almost copied these connectors, linking the town of Trutnov – Mladá Boleslav – Jičín ) and 10 km west from the Hořice on the area of 7.72 square km.)

There are extending sandstone rock cities in this triangle which earned not unduly romantic naming the Bohemian Paradise. The altitude of the village Kovač is 265 meters above sea level.

Our guest house will really delight you warm, cosy and modern interior, spacious gardens with mowed grass and pleasant outdoor seating offering you absolute privacy.

We thought the smallest ones of us for which are ready a trampoline eventually the children's games that will make their stay the more pleasant. We though also for adults, who will surely sit at the table to have fun at the games, will like to play table tennis or grill the sausage on a fire space.

Our boarding house is situated next to the forest so it is a great starting point for your trips and undisturbed relaxing! It is located in close proximity to the nature reserve „Kováčská bažantnice“ with acreage of about 31 hectares, which can be seen from balconies or windows on the first floor of the house

We are looking forward to welcoming you